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Both Sides of the Zeldin Protest

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The John Brown Volunteers made their appearance at the Rise and Resist protest against Republican Representative Lee Zeldin. The JBV media team was able to interview attendees from both sides of the aisle. Around 15-20 members and affiliates of the organization Rise and Resist were present, welding signs reading “Rep. Zeldin defends cop killers,” “Jail the January 6th Plotters,” “Unfit to Serve,” and countless other slogans. Echos of “Biden Won! Biden Won! Biden Won!” could be heard from the crowd.

The JBV media team was fortunate enough to receive statements from the Vice President of the Metropolitan Republican Club, Mr. John Seravalli. In the interview, VP Seravalli condemned the actions of January 6th while also reiterating the excessive pearl clutching by the media, saying “I take problem with the people who committed crimes that day and I take problem with the people I know who embellished their role..there were a lot of people who were nowhere near the Capitol.” Political Opportunists such as AOC and Nancy Pelosi have capitalized on the Capitol Riots to support state repression against political dissidents. Biden’s “Anti Terrorism” bill, which was passed under the guise of stopping ultra-nationalist right wing attacks specifically targets “anti-capitalist views,” ushering the United States into the beginning of a second Red Scare.

VP Seravalli spoke on the issue of job outsourcing and the need to prevent this. While the Center for Political Innovation doesn’t agree with his condemnation of China, we do agree with the need for high paying jobs and labor union growth.

The Center for Political Innovation with the Republican and Democratic Parties on countless issues, however, we are a think-tank and it is our responsibility to gather as much knowledge and information from different political alignments and develop a way out of the crisis.

The events at the Capitol Building on January 6th were horrific and those who committed crimes must be prosecuted. However, the Democratic Party has capitalized on this to justify political repression across the board. We must stand in staunch opposition to such attempts to control and repress dissident political voices in the United States. The time has come to break away from the facade of two party politics and stand together against the monopolists and sell out politicians.

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