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CPI Co-Sponsors Web Conference on Alex Saab

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Alex Saab is a Venezuelan diplomat who was kidnapped nearly a year and a half ago by the United States for “violating” the United States’ illegal sanctions and economic warfare against Venezuela. While refueling his plane in Cabo Verde, Saab was detained on bogus charges of corruption and money laundering by orders from the US. In actuality, Saab’s crime had nothing to do with money laundering and corruption, but in fact his crime was none other than daring to challenge the United States’ global economic hegemony and do right by his country. Saab has been taken from prison in Cabo Verde and now is awaiting trial in Miami. The case sets a dangerous precedent, especially in the new multipolar world that is now emerging. It seems US imperialism is not willing to give up its position as world hegemony without a fight.

With all this in mind, on February 3 at 6:30pm EST, the Alliance for Global Justice is hosting a webinar with Camila Saab, Alex Saab’s wife. Mrs. Saab plans to discuss details of her husband’s illegal kidnapping and shine light on details and issues that are not often, if ever, covered in the mainstream media. The Center for Political Innovation is proud to be one of the co-sponsors of this webinar, and we plan to do everything in our power to continue to raise awareness around the case of Alex Saab. We call for the United States to drop all charges against Saab and release him immediately on the ground of diplomatic immunity. Saab should be allowed to return home to his wife and kids. The struggle for Saab’s freedom continues, and it will materialize in the form of a national day of action once again on the date of his next court hearing, February 16, 2022.

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