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Every Political Structure Must Satisfy The Needs of The People

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Web Forum Discusses Iranian Elections

On July 5th, 2021, CPI Co-Founder Caleb Maupin sat down with journalists and political analysts Zoha, Doctor Hamid Gholamzadeh, and Madonna to discuss the recent presidential elections in the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as its ramifications for the region as well as geopolitics across the world. This discussion serves as a valuable resource for people in the West who seek a more balanced approach to one of the most vilified countries in US mainstream-corporate media.

According to Doctor Hamid, “It is a mistake for westerners to try to understand the politics of the Islamic Republic through the lens of liberal democracy, it doesn’t work like that.”. He goes on to cite the example of the anti-democratic institution that far too many Americans will recognize as the electoral college. Hamid argues that the presence of this institution which is imbedded in the constitution by more elite elements involved in the constitutional process, is just one example of how certain thoughts and preconceived notions can make it hard for Westerners to understand different political structures. He goes on to stress that “Every political structure must satisfy the needs of the people of that country in which that structure is being implemented”, something that is very hard to accomplish with the supremacy of liberal “democracy”.

One of the more misunderstood aspects of the Iranian system is the presence of the Guardian Council, which is meant to ensure candidates are not a threat to the principles of the Islamic Revolution. Many Western analysts have knee-jerkingly referred to the presence of the council as undemocratic or exclusionary. Caleb Maupin explains that “We are always told that elections in Iran aren’t democratic because of the guardian council, but we have our own guardian council in the United States, it’s the corporations and the big banks which decide who gets to be a candidate.”. Obviously a lot of the people across the West and particularly in the United States agree as satisfaction with liberal democracy, their parties, and their institutions continues to crumble.

A specter is haunting much of the world, the specter of anti-establishment and anti-neoliberal politics. From Mexico, Argentina, Peru, and many others, neoliberalism is in retreat. Doctor Hamid contends that “This election was a no to any notion of neoliberalism in Iran”, and if it is true, it is a very welcome election indeed.

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