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Hundreds Slaughtered by Ukrainian Authorities

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In the summer of 2014, the pro-Nazi government of Ukraine began its mass slaughter against the people of the Donbass region. The People’s Republic of Donbass estimates at least 200 bodies have been exhumed from mass graves. The popular pro-Russian government of Donbass has worked with local churches and communities to provide those killed by the Ukrainian state proper burial.

One of the most prominent Americans in the Donbass region, who goes by the name Texas, spoke on the mass killing at length in footage made available by The Revolution Report.

American media has intentionally kept US citizens in the dark about the horrendous acts of the pro-US government of Ukraine. The Donbass region, which is ethnically and culturally Russian, has fought for years to return to their rightful motherland, against the authoritarian regime of Zelenksy.

The Center for Political Innovation extends its deepest condolences to the families of the 200 slaughtered by the Ukrainian regime, and hopes for a quick and peaceful reunification with Russia for all suffering under the Ukrainian government.

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