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Maduro Praises CPI Alex Saab Rally

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After the US kidnapping of Venezuelan official Alex Saab on Saturday, president of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro unveiled the brutality of US treatment and praised a Center for Political Innovation rally held in New York.

“The Americans have beaten him nearly to death,” said Maduro in a public television address, “He has lost teeth, been covered in excrement, refused doctors, refused visits from his family.”

The US is already known for brutal treatment of political prisoners and Maduro’s description of Saab’s torture only further solidifies this complete disregard for justice.

Maduro praised US protests for Saab’s freedom, saying, “They are even demonstrating in NYC for Alex Saab,” referring to a Center for Political Innovation demonstration on Sunday. Various speakers showed solidarity with Alex Saab and Venezuela, calling for the release of all US political prisoners and explaining Saab’s humanitarian mission. Having been arrested at the personal request of Donald Trump last year, Saab was held in Cape Verde illegally for the crime of seeking aid for Venezuela’s social programs. CPI correspondent Keaten Mansfield had this to say:

“The US had no right to be in Cape Verde in the first place and the US had no right to extradite Alex Saab. Is it now illegal to give food to the starving?”

The Center for Political innovation was honored to be joined by such an amazing crowd of supporters for the release of Alex Saab. Communists everywhere must stand in solidarity with Venezuela by the thousands, or risk another unjust execution by the US Empire.

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