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Revolution Report Covers Growing Tension in Ukraine

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Since 2014, the people of Donbass have been fighting tooth and nail against the aggression of the Ukrainian state. When the Ukrainian government began their repression of those in Donbass, battalions of international volunteers began to form. Communists and anti-imperialists from many of the western countries, such as the United States and United Kingdom, boarded planes heading for Donbass, convicted by the struggle of these people, ready to give life and liberty for their cause. The height of this war was in 2015, however, according to journalist Don Courter, “The situation is at its worst since 2015.”

In 2014, the first Minsk Protocol was developed in hope to bring an end to the conflict. This agreement has been ineffective, primarily due to the Ukrainian regime. Regions declared ‘non-drone areas’ by the Minsk Protocol have continued to see the use of drone attacks by Ukraine’s military. Noor Singh commented on this matter saying “this action [the use of drones]…was likely given the green light by the USA.” This allegation isn’t surprising given the United States’ involvement in the war. US warhawks have spent a great deal of time rallying NATO and non-aligned nations against the pro-Russian people of Donbass with the hopes of using this war as a foot-in against the Russian Federation and her people. NATO has sent countless troops to Ukraine while the European Union gives 31 Million Euros to the Ukrainian government. Estimates suggest half of Ukraine’s military has been moved to Russia’s border. Despite all of this, corporate media outlets from the West portray Russia as the aggressor, accusing them of everything from clandestine sabotage to military positioning, when the opposite is true. All the allegations levied against Russia are mere projections of what Ukraine with the help of NATO has been doing.

The developments between Ukraine, Donbass, and Russia will have a significant impact on the future of global politics as well as the strength of the growing anti-imperialist bloc. Donald Courter of The Revolution Report’s interview with Noor Singh gives exceptionally detailed yet easily digestible insight on the global as well as local impact of Ukraine’s aggression. It is because of the work people like Courter are doing around anti-imperialist education, the US must consider the domestic response out and out military provocation against Russia will spark. It is the responsibility of all within the West who consider themselves left-wing or anti-war to promote the media being produced by The Revolution Report for fear of the New Cold War turning hot.

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