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Syria joins Belt and Road Initiative

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As of January 12th, 2022, the Syrian Arab Republic has joined China’s One Belt One Road Initiative. Aimed to develop and strengthen the economies of nations ravished by imperialism, China began this project, commonly referred to as the Belt and Road Initiative, in 2013.

Since its launch, the Center for Political Innovation’s Foreign Policy Analyst, Simon Miller, determined 144 countries have joined with China in the ambitious project. To the astonishment of the United States and IMF, China, under the leadership of the Communist Party, has forgiven over $3.4 billion worth of economic loans, primarily in Africa. This trend of economic selflessness from China has broken the norm set by the World Bank of ruthless debt collection and entrapment.

Syria, a country dealing with a brutal civil war since 2011, is surely eager to feel the economic relief the CPC will begin providing. Talk of Syria joining the BRI began to spread in November of 2021 after the Marxist-Leninist President Xi Jinping and Ba’athist President Bashar Al-Assad spoke over the phone.

“Syria joining the Belt and Road Initiative is consistent with the main trend of countries that do…many countries join [the BRI] after facing years of imperialist trading policy. All of this strengthens the idea that China’s New Economic Silk Road is the future of global trade.”

Simon Miller, Foreign Policy Analyst: Center for Political Innovation

The Syrian Arab Republic’s decision to join the BRI was closely preceded by Nicaragua. The global trend of socialist nations partnering with China has only helped to solidify the international anti-imperialist bloc.

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